Ceol Pipes Regulators Launched- February 2013

Ceol Pipes are delighted to announce the launch of the first tenor and baritone regulators which were unveiled at the Pipemakers Showcase which took place as part of the Leo Rowsome Commemorative Day held at Na Píobairí Uilleann headquarters, 15 Henrietta Street in Dublin, on Saturday, February 23rd 2013.

The materials used, as in my chanters and drones, are Indian ebony, brass metalwork and castello boxwood decorative mounts.

In keeping with the distinctive aesthetic I have created for my chanters and drones, my signature asymmetric sweep features on the regulator keys as well as on the tuning pin end-detail.

I was delighted with the positive feedback I received from so many attendees at the pipemakers showcase, in particular from Helena Rowsome-Grimes, granddaughter of William Rowsome whose wonderful pipes inspire my own work, and also Sean Potts Snr.

The tuning of the regulators is excellent. They are based on the regulators on my own 1924 William Rowsome set, although I have made modifications to minimise the need for rushing of the bores.

Photos of the first ¾ set can be seen in the “3/4 Set Gallery” section of the Gallery page

Two fine pipers are also pictured playing my ¾ set- Bill Haneman, notably resplendent in a tie, whose patience, encouragement and generosity of knowledge got me started on this path, and one of my piping heroes, Mick O’Brien. Click to hear Mick give the 3/4 set a Quick Test Run. Thank you both very much, gentlemen!

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