Ceol Pipes First Full Set- July 2013

I am very pleased to announce that I have just finished my first full set of concert D uilleann pipes. I have continued with the same materials (Indian Ebony, Castello Boxwood and Brass) and I have carried on my signature asymmetric sweep shape for the regulator keys. This motif is also mirrored in the regulator tuning pins, the bass drone puck and the decorative feature at the top end of the bass regulator balancing bar.

Each key is individually cut from a length of brass bar, shaped with files, sanded and finally polished to finish. I also make the regulator key springs from strips of phosphor bronze. I believe there is more beauty in the minor imperfections of a handcrafted object than in the industrial perfection of a machined one.

Internally, the regulators are as close a copy as was possible to make of my own 1924 William Rowsome set.

I will be exhibiting the set at the pipemakers showcase during this year’s Willie Clancy festival in Miltown Malbay- click on the link for more details.

In the meantime, please have a look at the full set here.

Sound and video clips to follow.

Please email or phone me if you are interested in Ceol Pipes Uilleann Pipes.

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