Ceol Pipes Drones- April 2012

I have recently finished making my first set of uilleann pipes drones, based largely on my Willie Rowsome set made in 1924, but with plenty of my own creative input.

I am pleased to announce that I am now accepting orders for drones. Information on my drones can be found on the Pipes page of this website.

The materials used are Indian ebony, castello boxwood mounts and brass metalwork.

The mainstock is made from castello boxwood, and I have incorporated what I believe is a novel drone-switch mechanism.

The novel bass puck design is inspired by my signature sweep on my chanter keys.

The drones are very easy to play, not requiring a lot of air, and they produce a very stable tone over the full range of the chanter.

I have posted a video of the drones on the Audio & Video page. The soundtrack is played by myself on the drones shown in the video, along with a 4-keyed chanter I made in 2011.

I have also set up a new Drones Photo Gallery here.

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