New Videos- Brain MacNamara and Cormac Cannon- May 2019

I recently finished my first prototype 3/4 set of uilleann pipes pitched in C and I brought them along to NPU’s AGM tionol in Sligo in May 2019.

I was lucky enough to have two master pipers, Brian MacNamara and Cormac Cannon, try them out for me, and videos or their playing can be found here

The drone switch was misbehaving during Brian’s playing of the set but despite this he played them beautifully. It was both his and Cormac’s first time trying these pipes and I am extremely grateful for their time and feedback.

The chanter is a copy of a c.1910 Willie Rowsome chanter. The drones are copied from an Alain Froment set of C drones (with kind thanks to Fergus Finnegan). The regulators are based on the Daniel Herve drawings of a Willie Rowsome full set in C (c. 1900), available from NPU.

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